Macao Hazmat Medical Response Training

Text and Images: Peace Post Staff

The 49th Sino Luso International Medical Forum focusing on Hazmat Medical Response in Macao commenced this weekend. 

Led by the Hong Kong Association for Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine, the forum trained local, Greater Bay Area, and China frontline healthcare providers with the latest science and news in Hazmat response taking place in Asia and globally. 

On hand to inspire the over 150 attendees at the opening ceremony was the Honorable Member of Parliament of Sri Lanka, Mr Chanaka Denagama Vitharanage, who discussed the recent terror attacks in Colombo and remarked on the lessons of the 30-years of civil war there that ended in 2010.

Further scientific discussions on biological and chemical agent disasters were delivered by the President of Hong Kong Association for Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine, Dr. Jimmy Chan, and its Vice President Dr. Y.Y. Chow. 

Important speakers from Beijing included Professor Jia Da Cheng from the Beijing Emergency Centre, Ms. Xu Ling, the Deputy Director General of Health Human Resources Center of the National Health Commission of the PRC, and Ms. Yilina, the Director of Health Human Resources Center of the National Health Commission of the PRC.  

Other notable attendees included the Honorable Member of the Colombo Municipal Council, Ms. Nithya Senani Samaranayake,  Dr. Mui Chong Seong, Council Member of Macau Society of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Ms. Cinderella Leung from Princess Margaret Hospital, and orthopedic surgery specialists from Tuen Mun Hospital, Dr. Lau Chi Yuk and Dr. Sha Wai Leung. 

Professor Manson Fok, President of the Sino Luso International Medical Forum, commented, “We are celebrating our 8-year anniversary with this conference and are proud of the presenters and participants who have helped us with this for so long. Training Macao and Greater Bay Area healthcare providers and soon young doctors with Macao’s first medical school is a duty we take seriously and passionately.”

Dr. Billy Chan, Vice President of the Sino Luso International Medical Forum, said, “On this occasion of the opening of the Sino Luso 49th symposium, on behalf of the forum committee of, I would particularly like to thank the Hong Kong Association for Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine for providing resources, and the the Health Human Resources Development Center of the National Health Commission (Formerly the Ministry of Health) of People’s Republic of China for their support. I would like also to thank all the participants who have joined us here today to develop further steps for disaster reduction in our region.”

Dr. Chan continued, “Natural disasters are on the rise along the coasts, and Macao has suffered tremendously with two super typhoons. Hazmat emergency preparedness is critical, especially since Macao holds so many major international events every year. These not only harm people they can damage the entire economy of Macao.”

Dr. Jimmy Chan remarked, “This training is important for the Greater Bay Area as the region grows closer. We are working closely with regional authorities to plan better responses to the challenges that will come ahead.”

These range from typhoons with climate change acceleration to potential industrial accidents to nuclear accidents even bioterrorism. 

Dr. Y.Y. Chow remarked, “We are seeing a critical moment to contribute our workshops and training across China. We can see this need for advanced Hazmat preparation and there interest to create a national center in China for such operations in the future.”

Dr. Chan added, “We hope this scientific forum and workshop will improve patient outcomes following contamination with hazardous materials or a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear incident. We are pleased to see many frontline emergency agents in Macao attend our our 3 day event, as well as our guests from Sri Lanka.”

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