About Us

The Peace Post aims to make healthier news for the world.

Based in Manila, Philippines, we bring a unique Asian perspective to international discussions of healthcare, medical education, and society that enhance peace.

The Peace Post was founded by Chinese-Australian healthcare professional, composer, and author Sir Billy C. Chan, KGOR, and California born editor Sir Christopher Cottrell, KCR.

Sir Billy Chan is a Knights Grand Officer of Rizal and chairman of the International Brothers Chapter of the Knights of Rizal in Manila, Philippines, and a medical educator. He divides his time between Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Sir Christopher Cottrell is a development analyst and journalist based in Southeast Asia. He holds the rank of Knights Commander in the Order of the Knights of Rizal’s World Brothers Chapter in Manila, Philippines, and is committed to peace and prosperity through localized, transparent development solutions.

Our team of artists, doctors, journalists, musicians, photographers, policymakers, teachers, scientists, and volunteers care deeply about creating peace.