2nd Sino Asia Pacific Medical Forum and Gusi Peace Prize International open this week

Macau, China


The second Sino-Asia Pacific Medical Forum will take place in Manila from November 21 to 23 and in Macau on November 25, 2016.

This exciting scientific symposium will host over 400 medical experts from 20 countries. These include Australia, India, the Philippines, Japan, People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong and Macau SAR, the USA, the United Kingdom, Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, St. Kitts and Nevis, Sudan, Egypt, Iran, Syria, and Libya, among others.

President of Forum, Prof. Manson Fok, comments, “We warmly welcome all our delegates back to the 2nd Sino Asia Pacific Medical Forum. Our theme is titled, ‘Building a Regional and International network in Promoting Healthcare and Skills.’ The purpose is to emphasize the importance of collaborations and to build long-term relationships with all out health stakeholders. This symposium will provide medical professionals with essential medical and surgical knowledge.”

Prof. Fok, who also serves as the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST), continues, “We have cordially invited renowned international medical experts as keynote speakers. I am sure we will pick up new ideas, innovative solutions and insights from other countries’ experiences. We have handpicked prominent speakers and carefully chosen their expertise in the areas of Endocrine Practices, Burns Surgery, OBGYN, Trauma and Emergency Medicine, Laparoscopic Surgery, Cell Regeneration and Medical Education. It is also a great opportunity to share experiences with our medical experts from all around the world.”

Prof. Fok adds, “We have many VIP guests attending these medical discussions. They include Gusi Peace Prize Chairman Ambassador Barry Gusi, Dr. Evelyn Gusi, the Health Minister of Romania, Hon. Nicolae Banicioiu, the current Secretary of Health of the Philippines, Dr Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial and the new PMA President, Dr Irineo Bernado III.”

Dr. Billy Chan, Vice President of Forum comments, “From the People’s Republic of China, there will be a strong team of medical professors from Peking University coming all the way from Beijing to attend this important event. The President of Peking University, Prof. Jiang Baoguo, will be presenting in the symposium about his involvements in China particularly in the area of Traffic Medicine. Prof. Jiang has been an expert in promoting advanced techniques and methods aimed at reducing the harm traffic crashes inflict on human beings for many years.”

Launched in Manila and Macau in November 2015 with the singing of a joint communiqué by former Portuguese general and president Eanes, it is organized by the Sino-Asia Pacific Medical Forum Committee, and the Macau Healthcare Management and Promotion Association (MHMPA). It is also done with the friendship of the Gusi Peace Prize International, whom has been a good partner. This medical forum coincides with peace award ceremonies because strong healthcare brings well-being to peoples’ everyday lives.

In the past year the forum launched a special initiative between doctors in Macau and Cambodia. In February 2016, Prof. Fok and Dr. Billy Chan visited rural clinics in Cambodia and learned in particular about the plight women face in healthcare. In May, the Honorable Linda Yim, chair of the Union Youth Federations of Cambodia (UYFC), and the Honorable Cambodia Secretary of State for Industry Sokkung Heng, came to Macau and signed an MOU with the Faculty of Health Sciences at MUST regarding medical cooperation. While in Macau, Hon. Yim and Hon. Heng were welcomed by the Foreign Affairs Commissioner, the Honorable Ye Dabo.

In September of 2016, Prof. Fok and Dr. Chan shared their visions and ideas with over 150 medical minds from Africa, Asia, and Europe at the Sino-Luso International Medical Forum in Porto, Portugal. In October 2016, Dr. Fok donated HKD$ 500,000 worth of sonographic equipment to the Doctors Alliance of the UYFC to build further medical solidarity between Chinese and Cambodian doctors. More medical exchanges will be achieved following the second symposiums in Manila and Macau this week.